The Profit Masters Mastermind


A high-end Mastermind for service-based businesses to leap to their next profit level.



Your business is doing great, but you are ready to scale to the next level inside a fully supported community with support from an experienced coach with a proven track record for helping businesses crack the 7 figure mark.


Ready to see the impossible
turn into the possible?


Profit Masters


Surround yourself with like-minded, high calibre business owners, like yourself. Be in the energy of people who get it. People who you can share ideas with, share the wins, share the struggles and share the inspiration!

This Mastermind is a place to learn how success is made and how to transform your mindset and put it to work in a way that will make you more money (minus the overwhelm!)

Clare’s Mastermind community has been instrumental in helping me stay focused and inspired running my business.  


I have learned that whilst running a business can be hard work, no amount listening to podcasts or reading marketing books will change the success of the business, until mindset changes.

Clare’s support in the Mastermind has helped me shift my perception of what is possible, gravitate towards more abundance, and to acknowledge that nothing will change until mindset changes.

Tracey Mylecharane


Inside the Profit Masters



  • Refine your product suite and pricing so you are earning more while working less

  • Create and launch passive and leveraged income streams to grow your sales without more hours from you

  • Step into your CEO leadership role and build your team in a way that works for you, so that you focus more on leading than doing

  • Master your money mindset so that you understand the energetics around money and how you can attract and earn more.

Money is easy-breezy once you know how to work with it!

What do you get inside the Mastermind?


2 x 60 minute coaching calls per month


Calls will be power learning sessions or live Q&A calls depending on needs of mastermind.

High level, inspiring community


Good energy and good people! This is for selected, high calibre business owners who want to scale profitably and have big income breakthroughs.

Unlimited Group Chat (on the Voxer app)


  • Voice and text messaging access to reach out to Clare and the Mastermind community.
  • This group will cheer you on when you’re winning & lift you up when you’re struggling.
  • We’re here with suggestions and support to help you navigate the many challenges of business.


VIP Inner Circle Lunch

Melbourne, Saturday 19 August 2023

You’ll get to meet your other Mastermind buddies and hang out with me for a in-person lunch (includes lunch, drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic and networking*) at the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. Date to be confirmed with the group, inside group Voxer.

*Excludes transport and accommodation

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FREE access to The Profit Academy Foundations  


Learn my step-by-step process to understand the numbers in your business, so you feel confident and clear about how much profit your business is actually making (and how you can make more!). Be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your hard-earned dollars.

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FREE access to The Profit Academy Accelerator


Watch the replay's from the live round of my most comprehensive money mindset course. This includes my proven mindset framework to create the financial freedom and the lifestyle you dream of without it taking hours out of your day.

The majority of change has been my mindset and the way I look at my business. 


In the 3 months prior to starting the Mastermind, compared to the first 3 months of the Mastermind, I have had a 50% increase in sales revenue.  

Karina Follent


Who is The Profit Masters for?


This Mastermind is the right fit for you if:


  • You’re an established successful service-based business owner with goals to scale to multiple 6 or 7 figures or revenue
  • You want to be inspired by a high-level community of business owners and are excited to form business friendships and partnerships with like-minded people
  • You’re ready to accept responsibility for your success and put in the ‘inner work’ to achieve the results you want
  • You’re open to the magic of woo-woo and leaning into practices to help you unlock a new level.


Grow your profit.

Minus the burnout.


Clare Wood


Hello there! I’m your mindful profit coach - your money mentor with the quals and results to prove it.

I’m a numbers geek (qualified CPA), mum of 2 young boys, gym junkie, wine drinker, wanderluster and encourager.

I’m encouraging and caring, but I’ll also hit you with some tough love and direct feedback to keep you focused on where you are heading (rather than staying where you are stuck).

I like to see the impossible become the possible. And I want this for you.

But don't just take my word for it...

Straight from the mouths of Masterminders

We have exceeded our income forecasts by $30,000 for the first quarter!  


We have exceeded our income forecasts by $30,000 for the first quarter!  We’ve also started to redesign the way we do our work and operate our business to create more time.  I am starting to rethink how I am working. I am intentionally thinking about what work I need to actually do and getting better at delegating work. I am more focused on my financials and setting aside time weekly to reflect on our goals and the actions to meet those goals.

Amy Saunders


I’m showing up with more confidence and my sales have grown by 50%!


I have taken the plunge of hiring a new team member which allows me an opportunity every week to work on my business rather than always working in the business.


Glenn Stevens


Asked Questions


Ready to re-write your money relationship?

Scaling your profits starts right here.



  • 2 x 60 minute calls per month
  • Access to a high level inspiring community
  • Unlimited group chat (via Voxer)
  • BONUS: VIP Inner Circle Lunch
  • BONUS: Free Access to TPA Foundations
  • BONUS: Free Access to TPA Accelerator 
4 months x AU$1,750 + GST



  • Get everything in Mastermind (inc bonuses) PLUS

  • 1 x 60 minute private coaching call with Clare each month
  • 2 x 30 minute "emergency" private coaching calls when you need a bit of extra support*

4 months x AU$2,400 + GST


*There are only 5 x private coaching upgrades available on a first in basis. This upgrade offer is at a much lower price point than usual private coaching.


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