Follow the day-by-day activities to improve how you manage the money inside your business, minus the confusing accounting terms, just easy-to-understand language and a simple framework.


Join me LIVE over 3 days, with your choice of an AM or PM sessions!


Hey there business owner

If you have you ever:
  • had no idea whether your business was actually making a profit or a loss
  • gone to pay a bill and your bank card bounces
  • accumulated a tax debt
  • glazed over in a meeting with your accountant
  • felt helpless when it came to improving your profitability


You’ve got a financial management issue.


But never fear! I’ve got something to get you back on track. 

Introducing Fix your Finances!



> Learn why you can’t just leave the ‘money stuff’ to your accountant (that could cost you dearly!)


> Realise WHY you avoid looking at your numbers (HINT: It’s not because you are bad at money)


> Understand the 2 x numbers you have to know to make sure you never run out of cash again


> Learn the secret to get across your business finances in only 15 minutes a week


> Become clear about how to go from confused and avoidant to being empowered, confident, and (dare-I-say) excited about your business finances


What makes me a profit guru?


Hi, I'm Clare Wood.



I’m a qualified accountant (a CPA) and I’m passionate about helping business owners to build their most profitable businesses!

I am the best-selling author of Intentional Profit, a paid speaker, coach and mentor.

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners to grow their businesses and some of my clients have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their profits. Will your business be next?

See you inside the challenge 👇



The challenge will be delivered live by Money Mentor, Clare Wood


Over 3 x 60 minute sessions, with two different timeslots available:


6.30am AEST on Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 & Thursday 29 February 2024

7.30am AEDT (Sydney, Australia)
8.30pm GMT (London, UK)
 12.30pm PST (Los Angeles, USA)
 3.30pm EST​ (NY, USA)

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6.30pm AEST on Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 & Thursday 29 February 2024

7.30pm AEDT (Sydney, Australia)
8.30am GMT (London, UK)
12.30am PST (Los Angeles, USA)
3.30am EST​ (NY, USA)

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