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Master your MONEY MINDSET to put yourself in the driver's seat of your life.

No vague ‘woo woo’, no “just-think-positive” BS.

Proven strategies to break through your limiting beliefs and fears with money, so you can create financial freedom and the lifestyle you dream of.




Master your MONEY MINDSET to put yourself in the driver's seat of your life.

No vague ‘woo woo’, no “just-think-positive” BS.

Proven strategies to break through your limiting beliefs and fears with money, so you can create financial freedom and the lifestyle you dream of.



Your MINDSET is the KEY to lasting SUCCESS in business


I'm not kidding.

Right now you’re dreaming of having freedom, flexibility and the choice to do what you want, where you want it and when you want it.

But it feels like a distant dream.

You see other people building businesses that give them freedom and flexibility. You see them buying their dream house, working less hours and making overseas holidays. And you think, “that’s nice for them, but not possible for me”. 

You feel guilty or ashamed when things ARE going well in business or life, and sabotage your success by overspending, or going into overwhelm and pulling back from your growth because you don’t feel worthy of success.

When it comes to investing in your business, you freak out and hold yourself back because you’re afraid it won’t work. 

And let’s not even talk about boundaries when it comes to your clients… Overdelivering and undercharging sound familiar?


If this sounds like you, it’s time we sat down and had a little chat…


You might think that you just need to master a new marketing strategy (“maybe going viral on Tik Tok will be the secret sauce to my success?”), get some more clients through the door and finally you’ll have financial freedom.

But here’s the thing.

Lasting success in business DOESN'T come from some magic strategy or always being “high vibe”. It comes from having the tools to deal with your mindset wobbles.


YOU KNOW you need to tackle those limiting beliefs and fears, especially as your business continues to grow.


But… these thoughts keep getting in the way: 


“I’m not good with money”

“I can’t afford to invest the time or money into this mindset stuff right now”

“I’ll work on my money mindset when I actually *have* money”

“I’m scared what will come up when I start looking at my fears”

“I’m a logical person, all this mindset stuff is woo woo and doesn’t work”

“What’s the point?  Even if I THINK differently, I’ll still be broke”

If any of these excuses sound familiar, I want you to have a REALLY HONEST think about what your dream life looks like… 

And compare it with where you are right now. 

The reason you don’t have the X, Y and Z you dream of?

Your mindset.





If you’re ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life, and have the financial, time and choice freedom you deserve – I have something for you:  

A PROVEN MINDSET FRAMEWORK to create the financial freedom and the lifestyle you dream of without it taking hours out of your day. 

"I am now officially a MONEY MANIFESTOR. Not only does this mindset shift work, it also provides incredible CLARITY and is completely EMPOWERING!



Hi I’m Clare Wood!


10 years ago I was single, living in a share rental accommodation, working as a corporate accountant counting down my days each week until the weekend.

These days I am a best-selling author, paid speaker, coach and mentor running the multiple 6 figure business of my dreams.  I’m married to my soulmate, have 2 incredible kids, living in my waterfront home near the beach. 

I know a thing or two about building an incredibly happy, successful and fulfilling life… and I can’t wait to teach you how to do the same!

"Your course reiterated to me why we should always start with the UNSHAKABLE BELIEF that we can achieve any success"


Mastering your money mindset will: 

  • Give you the CONFIDENCE to chase your wildest dreams… and make them come true
  • EMPOWER you to charge your worth, while attracting your dreamboat clients
  • REDUCE your financial STRESS, as you kiss bill anxiety goodbye

You could keep chugging along the way you have been and dreaming that the magical money fairy godmother will wave a magic wand and turn your woes into wealth


You can bite the bullet and become the master of your life

What's inside Accelerator?


Glad you asked.

MODULE 1 / Identify your current relationship with money

You’re going to get real and raw with your relationship with money and identify your habits, patterns, fears and beliefs.

You’ll also identify your money blocks and where your money stories have come from (don’t worry, in later modules, you’ll learn how to create new and better stories – I promise!)


MODULE 2 / Learn about money mindset and manifestation

In this module, you’ll learn the manifestation framework and strategies that I use and teach to set big goals… and then how to make those lofty visions a reality.


MODULE 3 / Unlock the money mindset tools and strategies

This is where the rubber hits the road in your mindset roadmap. I’ll share my favourite tools for taking that vision board and making it your reality. (For real–this is how I manifested a business class flight, a dream speaking opportunity and my waterfront house by the beach).

This isn’t lofty vague concepts, this module steps out practical actions and strategies you can take, even if the things you want seem reeaalllly far away.

We also cover what to do if your partner, family or friends aren’t on board.

MODULE 4 / Creating your growth action plan

Now that you have the theory downpat, let’s get the wheels in motion!

This is where woo woo meets strategy, and you’ll use your new uplevelled thinking to map out strategies in your business such as marketing, pricing, packaging to make that bank balance start to grow.


MODULE 5 / Staying on track to your dream life

In this module, you’ll become a master of navigating through failures, distractions and roadblocks that will invariably pop up on the journey.

You’ll learn how to set yourself up for success in the long run, and how to keep the faith if things feel like they aren’t coming together.

How Maddy went from $30k months to $1 million in just 18 months


Meet Maddy. 

She was one of my clients making $30k per month in her digital marketing agency. In our work together, we reprogrammed her limiting beliefs and fears around money, and within 18 months of working together, she hit $100k months and her first MILLION $ revenue year.


But Maddy isn’t the only one who had great results.

Another client of mine hadn’t had a holiday in 7 years before we started working together…

Her business was barely profitable (she was paying her admin assistant more than herself) and through shifting her thinking about her pricing, packages and team, we were able to skyrocket her profitability to $30k months AND free up her calendar so she could have weekends off and even take her first overseas holiday in what seemed like forever.

Whether your goal is to fly first class to the Maldives OR buy a cottage in the countryside and grow your own veggies… 


The process in Accelerator will support you to get there.

It’s 100% individual and the framework can be tailored for YOU to achieve your dreams – not someone else’s. 

What do you get inside the course?

5 x Training Modules

Pre-Recorded modules by Clare which are recorded for your convenience. Each module is custom-created to help you give your fears and doubts the heave-ho and shape your reality.

PLUS these epic bonuses...


Manifestation & Mindset Resource

Working on your money mindset is an ongoing exercise. This list of resources will help you continue the mindset work at every stage.


Vision Board Masterclass

This recorded class will show you all the ways you can setup a vision board to bring your dreams to reality.

"Many of the [money] blocks I was coming up against are now starting to fall"


Take a second to imagine it’s this time next year… 


How would it FEEL to have a client enquiry land in your inbox, and you turn it away without a second thought because you know they’re not the right fit...

Seeing the booking confirmation for your overseas trip… 

Clocking off early to pick up the kids, because you know you don’t have to stress about cash

Pricing and selling with confidence, knowing your dream clients are lining up to work with you...

Living the lifestyle and having the freedom that you dream of?

Asked Questions

Once you learn the STRATEGIES of money mindset, they are lifelong skills to use again whenever you want to uplevel and create more FREEDOM.


(and save!)

  • 5 x Pre-recorded mindset modules
  • BONUS: My Top Manifestation & Mindset Resource
  • BONUS: Vision Board Masterclass
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  • 5 x Pre-recorded mindset modules
  • BONUS: My Top Manifestation & Mindset Resource
  • BONUS: Vision Board Masterclass
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